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It would be the smartest move for you! Choosing SpecialClean for your cleaning needs in Zug is totally worth it. Imagine having a super team that makes every part of your home or store sparkle like new. Whether it's saying goodbye to dirt from your carpets, making your furniture look fresh and clean, or ensuring your place looks its best from the inside out, we've got you covered.

Zug is a fantastic place with beautiful views and a great lifestyle, and we want to make sure your space matches this awesomeness. With us, you get more than just cleaning; you get a promise of quality and a home that feels great to live in. So, yes, picking SpecialClean in Zug is a smart move for keeping your space looking and feeling great!

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Your search for the best cleaning agency in Zug ends here! In the serene beauty of Zug, SpecialClean delivers exceptional cleaning services to keep your space pristine and welcoming.

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Move Out Cleaning

Are you resettling? Let us handle the move out cleaning duties so you can focus on the rest!

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Mattress Cleaning

Remove the dust, pests, and other contaminants by letting us do the mattress cleaning job!

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Upholstery Cleaning

Get regular and customized cleanup and maintenance of the furniture at your home and office!

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Store Cleaning

Re-organize your workspace and warehouse. Our team is here for comprehensive store cleaning service

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Carpet Cleaning

Re-organize your workspace and warehouse. Our team is here for comprehensive store cleaning service

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Facades Cleaning

Make the first impression of your building eye-catching. Call us for proficient facades cleaning service.

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About Zug

A gem in the heart of Switzerland; Zug, is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and economic vitality. This charming city, bordered by the Zugersee (Lake Zug) and framed by the enchanting Swiss Alps, is a fusion of traditional charm and modern luxury. Zug’s historic Old Town, with its beautifully preserved buildings and quaint streets, reflects a rich medieval past.

Meanwhile, its reputation as a global business hub is evident in its thriving economic district, known for hosting numerous multinational corporations and commodities trading companies.

What sets Zug apart is its serene ambiance combined with cutting-edge innovation. The city is recognized for its high quality of life, balancing urban development with lush, green surroundings. Environmental sustainability is at the heart of Zug's ethos, with numerous initiatives promoting green energy and conservation. Outdoor activities are plentiful, with the serene Zugersee offering a haven for water sports, and the surrounding hills perfect for hiking and nature walks.

How Does It Feel Living in Zug?

Life in Zug is a blend of tranquility and dynamic growth, offering residents and visitors a unique living experience.

Here's why:

Lakefront Serenity:

The tranquil shores of Lake Zug provide a peaceful retreat from everyday life, ideal for relaxation and leisure activities.

Economic Prosperity:

EZug's robust economy is marked by its status as a tax haven, attracting businesses and offering job opportunities in diverse sectors.

Cultural Diversity:

With a significant expat community, Zug is a melting pot of cultures, offering a rich tapestry of international and local customs.

Educational Excellence:

The city boasts high-quality education facilities, including international schools, catering to its diverse population.

Recreational Activities:

Zug offers a wide range of outdoor and recreational activities, from lakeside cycling and hiking to exploring its charming historical sites.

Gastronomic Experiences:

Residents enjoy a vibrant culinary scene, from traditional Swiss delicacies to global cuisine, reflecting Zug's international flair.

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